I wanted to share something very profound that occurred for me today. On 6/3/16 I decided to get healthy. So my goal was just to walk a lot and eat better. So I started walking every day. Before I knew it I was walking 6-7 miles a day and losing some weight. I think I told you when I started New You I had hit a wall, and needed something different. SFC was absolutely it. What happened today was I hit my 65lb weight loss. I have not been this weight since I was 30 years old. More importantly, I have never felt this strong or felt like I could do almost anything. I feel like I have proven, you are never too old to change “you”. I can’t even really put in to words was this means to me. Big thanks to you and Clint for giving me the tools I needed, and all the support. Oh, and I’m not done yet!