Say Hello to Holly

Holly started with us last year in January on a 6 Week Challenge. Her dedication and commitment have gotten her the results she imagined for herself a year ago.
She has lost 21lbs and an incredible 13.6% body fat.

Thanks for putting your trust in us, Holly! We cannot wait to see your future progress 👏

Why do you do Crossfit?
I started doing CrossFit to help strengthen my body to help improve my position when I ride my horse; I also wanted to regain flexibility and get healthier. My dear friend and horse trainer/riding instructor, Dana Fitch, suggested we try a 6-week challenge. I wish I had started sooner!!!

What have you learned about yourself since you’ve started?
I never thought I’d be able to build upper body strength. A goal I have is to be able to do a pull-up. I’m working my way there slowly and know I will get there. Never say never!!

What do you do when you’re not here? When I’m not at CFD I’m usually at the stables riding/training my horse, getting ready for a horse show.

What do you tell your friends about Crossfit Daytona? It’s a blast!! I’ve met some pretty amazing people. It has changed my outlook on life. I tell people everybody there helps and encourages each other, there is no judging. It. Is. Not. A. Gym.