Say Hello to Kareema Smith
She has been a member of Crossfit Daytona since 2017. Last year we helped her dial in her nutrition. Since she has
Lost 15 lbs
Gained 1 lb of lean muscle
Lost 7% Bodyfat and is now in a healthy range.
In addition to all of this, she is incredibly kind.

“I started to get serious about my nutrition when I realized that for me to get healthy I was going to have to do more than just exercise. I am a very picky eater and sometimes that can be an excuse to eat a lot of what I like. I still eat what I like but with moderation.
I think the biggest key to my success is due partly to self motivation, motivation from my crossfit family and positive reinforcement. Also finding something my sister and I both enjoy just makes success more attainable. I enjoy crossfit tremendously and the fact that I can do something I love and the result is looking and feeling great is definitely a plus.”